Question Everything You Ever Were Taught

……about life


relationship rules


who you are

how to dress….act…..think.

Because you know what? Those things you were taught came from adults who lived in a different world than you do now. They may have been gospel truth a generation or two ago, but they don’t serve you as the unique individual that you are.

We are not massed-produced albums of music. We have to write our own songs. 

And that pretty much pissed me off when I figured it out. It’s like holding onto the owner’s manual of your first car and expecting it to apply to your current one. The only thing they have in common are four wheels, for shit’s sake.

Me? Im not so unique. But I question everything because things stopped working. Maybe they never worked, but I’m just now seeing it.

For example:

I was raised to be a metaphorical nun, when in reality I’m more like a Joan Jett. Fuck that shit. The one thing we cannot change is the reality of who we are. But we can shed the old skin.

Religion…question it. There’s no one right answer. It’s a spiritual path. Truth is inside you.  Just find it. It’s your Kevlar vest.

Money….it’s a different society than when we were taught. Rules have changed. Be smart, use your left brain, and stick to your goals.

Relationships…..whatever works for you. Manage your expectations. Get on the same page. Think outside the box. Don’t let your parents, or your memory of them, live through you, especially when guilt is involved. Did I say, think outside the box? 

Now go, and be you. 

One thought on “Question Everything You Ever Were Taught

Add yours

  1. Yes, I agree with you completely on the level of the principle…. But, there is a huge caveat. I don’t think we are ever in a situation where we can freely choose to be who we want to be. Sure, we should not pay much at all attention to other people’s expectations, but rather live up to our own expectations of ourselves (much much harder!). But we can never do that in a vacuum. Hurting people’s feelings is nothing, but there are always people in your life who have placed trust on you, and often bet their life choices on the things you have committed to. Those people may be dependent on you in various ways. So just walking out and setting free is not an option. Or, put it the other way, I have seen people taking that option and as a result ruin other people’s lives and freedom. Ultimately our lives become meaningful only through other people. Just like music is nothing but changing air pressure coming out of a wooden box, until someone hears it and sees the beautiful instrument. Only then it becomes art.


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