Did Ya Miss Me?

I missed you for sure. Been using down time from work to get my business ready to launch before the end of the year! My biz that’s gonna take care of me like a loving mama.

But that ain’t gonna happen without me creating it and setting it up, will it? My mind is always buzzing from here to there with ideas! I need a (loving, not abusive) man with a big whip to keep ’em all in one place so they can work together for me.

It’s coming – I’m excited!

But what a pain in the ass when it takes me away from play time. 

One thought on “Did Ya Miss Me?

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  1. Yeah, I have indeed missed you! Thought you had given up or something. Cool, keep on going, no turning back! Tell more about your business when the time is ripe. I’m sure a loving man with a whip would be most helpful.

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