This Week Has Been Bliss

This photo has nothing to do with the topic. But there’s no such thing as leather overload, is there?

Anyway, I think I’d give anything to live this way the other 51. Do what’s important to me and not have to work for a living. I do believe it’s possible, and even probable, given the loving work I’ve put into my caterpillar of a business this past year.

It’s been so fucking slow though. Having to squeeze it in between working hours is a drag. But I do something every day at least. And when I do, I try to put my mind into a zone of already being there.

There are so many ways all of us can make the world a better place. Working at a job we dislike isn’t one of them. Someone once said find the thing that lights you up, and do that thing. The world needs those kind of people. 

Back to the photo then ~

Maybe it’s telling us to unzip yourself and release your passion. 

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