The Kraken

On a recent visit to Starbucks, I was wearing my super-sexy boots with black leggings. I don’t wear them that often, since they make me feel a little like Xena the Warrior Princess; too much energy and power for every day, and I’m not always in the mood for it. These are, you know, the over-the-knee type that, if I am to be honest, make me stare at women wearing them ~ and I’m totally straight sexually!

I’m waiting in line, and it starts again. Those hissing voices from the past rising up from the depths like the kraken that devour pirate ships.

Look at that fat piece of shit thinkin’ she’s hot (snorts of laughter).

🎶 Penny for penny, pound for pound, you get more fat from Len than any other kid around 🎶

You’re just a slut.

You can’t do that.

And the entire room erupted in laughter.

Of course, all of this happened in my head ~ replaying things that actually did happen in the past.

So why do we relive, replay, and recycle this trash in our heads? I’m not “fat” anymore. I’m a confident chick who has grown; anyone talks like that to me now would get kicked in the ass.

Have no idea. Probably a kind of tool for survival.

It stops us from being a better person, from growing out of old limits, living by standards set for us that no longer apply. They’re old and not real – mythical like the Kraken.

Acknowledge them, thank them, and send them on their way.

Fight Like a Bitch

I was scrolling through photos today of the women’s protests around the world. Last I heard, there were 627 of them. People all over the world catching the fire of indignation. I couldn’t help but cry.

I pray that today’s protests exonerate us and shows the world that the majority of us are not idiots ~ despite that the Orange Ugly American won ~ and I can’t blame them. The thousands upon thousands (millions, probably) who turned up at women’s marches here and around the world ~  it’s so freaking awesome.

I will protest and fight until wrong is righted. I will support women and allies, and the communities threatened by the new administration ~ LGBT, immigrants, women’s rights, human rights, the environment, people of color, Native Americans, people of all faiths.

It’s simple, really ~ our “president” completely lacks basic human decency. I did not watch the inauguration, and I still have not, and won’t.

I am filled with joy and gratitide to see the outpouring of righteous anger and compassion that sends a worldwide FUCK YOU to the new administration.

I’m gratified to see that the rest of the world sees through his shit. Sometimes things get so bad that you feel alone.

Anger is like burning fuel. It will either destroy its container, or can be harnessed as rocket fuel. After what happened today, I’m so motivated and optimistic that this isn’t the end, but the beginning of a coming together for a common, positive purpose.

It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna suck, it’s gonna hurt. But we can do this.

It’s Novel

This was/is to be the cover of a novel I started writing 1 1/2 years ago. I posed for it, even though it’s fictional and not about me.

Then life brought me to a bumpy road shortly after, and I put my book away, where it sits on my hard drive. I intended it to be an erotic novella, but I think it wants to be something else. Erotic, but not a novella. It’s hard to keep the rise and fall of sexual tension going throughout an entire book. Yeah, even in my head.

Erotica lives in my head constantly. Actually, turns out it’s not that weird, only taboo. I’ve always been fascinated by things that aren’t as they seem, people and places that hide an entire underground existence, secret from the unenlightened.

Philosophy is like that, as is music, and science. And certainly sexuality.

I happen to be the personality type represented by less than 1% of the human population (I accept my oddness). I met a woman today who teaches erotic sexuality, and besides being awestruck by the fact that someone actually does that, she has the same personality type as me ~ so immediately she’s a kindred spirit.

Which brings me to my point ~ that I need to stop living in the normal world and wave my freak flag. And keep writing.

PS…I swear,  this is a line I just read in “The Winter Over”

At some point, potential had to be realized, or you simply ended where you began: a blank, empty, meaningless frame of white, waiting for effort to give it meaning.

Iden, Matthew (2017-02-01). The Winter Over (p. 58). Thomas & Mercer. Kindle Edition.


I’m certainly no diver, at least in the literal sense. But the earth never fails to excite me. There’s a place in Iceland called Silfra where one can dive between the North American and Eurasian continents. For real…….you can touch both continents at the same time.

Also, the water is the clearest on the planet ~ it’s cold glacial water filtered through porous lava.

Which has nothing to do with violin, but it does make me feel passionate.

Rare & Beautiful

Just a few minutes till I have to leave for a rehearsal. As usual, the image has nothing to do with my post, but maybe I can find a way to make it relevant  😀.

I just watched Pres. Obama’s tribute to Joe Biden. I was a mess. Eisenhower was President when I was born, so I’ve been through a few. I’ve said this plenty of times ~ I’ve never felt actual love for any president as I do for Obama. I’ve always known he’d be a fantastic president, but after these eight years, my heart just swells with pride and love for this honorable, smart, gentleman. And his brotherly relationship with Joe. Well, what can I possibly add?

Today’s speech by both men really affected me. If guys like these were common, they’d be less appreciated, wouldn’t they?

There’s nothing quite like appreciating the rare and beautiful.

This image is a wedding dress created by a business called Uptight Clothing. It is one-of-a-kind. Like the best things in life.

Beautiful because it’s rare.


Pursue Meaning, Not Happiness

You read that right. I don’t believe in pursuing happiness, but living my life to have meaning. That what I say and do are important to me, and also important to others. I can get all philosophical and shit and write about the fact that our talents aren’t meant for our own benefit, but to serve the world. Talents mean little unless used as a matter of service to others.

Here is an article that better explains.

My absolute favorite poem is George Gray by Edgar Lee Masters (Spoon River Anthology) ~

To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness,

But life without meaning is the torture

Of restlessness and vague desire—

It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.

The last four lines make the point I live by. Try to, anyway. Something to think about.


Hope you’re pleased with VB’s updated look. It hasn’t undergone any changes since I started it 2 1/2 years ago! The Bitch hates old and outdated shit, so she’s doing a little redecorating.

A few minor changes to come. Always with the goal of being sensual and erotic. I hope you like it!

I Want Your Sex

You know I got the sauce (sauce)
You know I’m saucy
And it’s always wet
A bitch never ever had to use lip gloss on it
I’mma need you deeper than six, not a coffin
We’re not making love, tryna get nasty
Grab up your drugs, that make me happy
Sex with me is amazing, with her it’ll feel alright
The sex doesn’t get any better, make it long, let it be all night
I know, I know, I make it hard to let go
Tonight, all night, I’mma roll
Even if I’m alone

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