Hope you’re pleased with VB’s updated look. It hasn’t undergone any changes since I started it 2 1/2 years ago! The Bitch hates old and outdated shit, so she’s doing a little redecorating.

A few minor changes to come. Always with the goal of being sensual and erotic. I hope you like it!

7 thoughts on “Redecorating!

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  1. It’s not my feelings that I’m uncomfortable about – it’s some personal details I wrote about that I changed my mind about sharing publicly.

    You want the next phase of your professional life to be full of controversy (among other quaities). Well that sounds intriguing!


  2. I thought that was the case. You write about your very personal feelings, which makes you uncomfortable, but who/what are you scared of?

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  3. Oh yes, I understand what you are saying. I am in a search of my next step in professional life. Haven’t got a faintest idea what it is, and although it is hell frightening, it is also vastly liberating! And one thing is clear: I want it to be hard, tough, full of controversy and irreconsilable challenges. Not a cosy job, but something which puts me in the epicentre of action, pushes me to my limits every day…. and makes it all meaningful! (you can read between the lines that my current job is too easy and cosy…)

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  4. I locked a recent post since later on I felt uncomfortable publicizing its contents.

    I spose I’ve been less personal because I haven’t had time to focus on my blog. It’s one of the sacrifices the article you posted talks about.

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  5. Very interesting article. I totally agree – you have to be in love with the process. Our culture is so results-driven, and there are many reasons people don’t “achieve.”

    I’m kind of odd in that I don’t pursue “happiness.” What is happiness, really? Living a life of meaning is happiness. So I pursue “meaning,” and everything falls into place.

    It’s only kind of recent that I’ve been open about what I want to achieve, except for maybe one person (!) because hell – what if I don’t make it? But really, who cares? I have a way of thinking I’m too important to have the nerve to – oh, I don’t know – be a bitch (in a good way) because people will be shocked. You know what I learned? No one give’s a rat’s ass! And that was very liberating to find out.

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  6. Oh yes, nice. I like the colour and the pattern. In my experience, though, when a woman starts redecorating, she is almost certainly doing so because she has something more burning and less pleasant to do and she is just trying to avoid getting started with that. A man in the same situation, however, would just be sitting on a sofa and scratching his balls….

    I am missing to hear more about your feelings and thoughts. Looking back, your blog has turned less and less personal. Besides, I realise you have locked some parts of your blog. I am really curious to know how your life and projects are developing, I enjoy reading your posts, they give me food for thought and inspire writing replies.


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