Rare & Beautiful

Just a few minutes till I have to leave for a rehearsal. As usual, the image has nothing to do with my post, but maybe I can find a way to make it relevant  😀.

I just watched Pres. Obama’s tribute to Joe Biden. I was a mess. Eisenhower was President when I was born, so I’ve been through a few. I’ve said this plenty of times ~ I’ve never felt actual love for any president as I do for Obama. I’ve always known he’d be a fantastic president, but after these eight years, my heart just swells with pride and love for this honorable, smart, gentleman. And his brotherly relationship with Joe. Well, what can I possibly add?

Today’s speech by both men really affected me. If guys like these were common, they’d be less appreciated, wouldn’t they?

There’s nothing quite like appreciating the rare and beautiful.

This image is a wedding dress created by a business called Uptight Clothing. It is one-of-a-kind. Like the best things in life.

Beautiful because it’s rare.


5 thoughts on “Rare & Beautiful

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  1. BTW, I’m disappointed that Americans failed to learn from Brexit. How many voted Leave, believing Remain would win anyway? Just as many voted for Orange Lucifer believing he’d lose anyway. Maybe we can blame climate change. Oh wait, that’s a fallacy…….

    Blah blah blah….that’s enough, Lucy!

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  2. Well, at least we now know where the Orange Lucifer gets his colour from….

    That hatred thing is inexplicable. It stems from the same source as brexit, mixture of ignorance, arrogance, eccentricity and too good life for some. Love and caring for one another, how bad can that be?


  3. Agree with everything you said.

    A cousin I’m close to works in London, and made the big announcement yesterday it was snowing there. He suggested a drop shipment of Cadbury’s for survival, haha!

    Yes, the Orange Lucifer (whose name will never pollute my blog) has made us the world’s laughingstock. Most of my FB friends are not American, and to a person ask “what the fuck is wrong with Americans?” It was a (not very funny) comedy of errors, in spite of how most of us voted. I was never a huge fan of Hillary – I wanted Bernie – but her presidency would have been quite similar to Obama’s. Which is fine with me.

    I’m also a beneficiary of Obamacare. I don’t understand conservatives’ hatred of Obama. He has done so much to make life better here.

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  4. Dear Lucy, thank you for what I think is the most beautiful post you have written so far! It touched me deep (the picture is also nice, but I mean the text!). I could not agree more with you, those two men are really special and unique, and have done so much good for your country. There are more men and women like them, but how come they don’t end up in those offices where we would so desperately need them in? Obama and Biden started off from a very bad situation and during their time, America indeed got on the track to be great again… and what happened then? We Europeans can’t understand. But in all fairness, weird things are happening here as well.

    Coincidentally, I just finished a meeting in which a New York based freelance journalist just said how scared she is, as she is dependent on Obamacare and if Trump abolishes it, she is left with nothing. Awful, and at the same time, it is Vladimir who is pissing on us all…

    In times like this, escapism kicks in. Somehow this morning I woke up to the idea of riding across Texas on a Harley-Davidson… Don’t know where I got that from….It’s snowing in London, or rather sleeting.

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