I’m certainly no diver, at least in the literal sense. But the earth never fails to excite me. There’s a place in Iceland called Silfra where one can dive between the North American and Eurasian continents. For real…….you can touch both continents at the same time.

Also, the water is the clearest on the planet ~ it’s cold glacial water filtered through porous lava.

Which has nothing to do with violin, but it does make me feel passionate.

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  1. Iceland is a beautiful and weird, magical country. The special thing about those tectonic plates in Iceland is the fact that they are pulling apart, not crushing together. As I have understood it, this results in the volcanic activity being milder there than in places like Italy. Worth a visit, if you have not been there before.I was there for business some ten years ago. It was special, and regrettably I could only see a few things near Reykjavik.

    BTW, we went to see Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre yesterday at the Barbican. I think you would have enjoyed it, crazy and weird as hell, but there was an amazing rhythm through it. Sellars/Rattle made a really good combo. Huge names but humble egos, I thought.

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