Fight Like a Bitch

I was scrolling through photos today of the women’s protests around the world. Last I heard, there were 627 of them. People all over the world catching the fire of indignation. I couldn’t help but cry.

I pray that today’s protests exonerate us and shows the world that the majority of us are not idiots ~ despite that the Orange Ugly American won ~ and I can’t blame them. The thousands upon thousands (millions, probably) who turned up at women’s marches here and around the world ~  it’s so freaking awesome.

I will protest and fight until wrong is righted. I will support women and allies, and the communities threatened by the new administration ~ LGBT, immigrants, women’s rights, human rights, the environment, people of color, Native Americans, people of all faiths.

It’s simple, really ~ our “president” completely lacks basic human decency. I did not watch the inauguration, and I still have not, and won’t.

I am filled with joy and gratitide to see the outpouring of righteous anger and compassion that sends a worldwide FUCK YOU to the new administration.

I’m gratified to see that the rest of the world sees through his shit. Sometimes things get so bad that you feel alone.

Anger is like burning fuel. It will either destroy its container, or can be harnessed as rocket fuel. After what happened today, I’m so motivated and optimistic that this isn’t the end, but the beginning of a coming together for a common, positive purpose.

It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna suck, it’s gonna hurt. But we can do this.

3 thoughts on “Fight Like a Bitch

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  1. I’ve only ever once marched for a cause, that was long ago. I’m not sure if the cause was worth it, but I think I was persuaded for that by a girl.

    Indeed identity thing is an innate human trait, as are compassion, altruism, selfishness and xenophobia. Poetically that’s known as the human condition. I don’t usually feel at ease in groups, I’m not the type who likes clubs. I can see a lot of your identity revolves around violin, which is a beautiful thing, both physically and metaphysically.


  2. No, sorry I wasn’t able to, as I would have had to cancel a whole day of lessons. It would be nice for us to just be human “beans,” but I wonder if being part of an identity group is part of being human. That would be a great question for sociologists.

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  3. I of course totally agree with what you write, and I thought it was such a powerful scene to see so many people marching on Saturday. Did you march?

    There is, however, one thing that bothers me somewhat. It has to do with tribalism, which is a product of identity and nativist politics. Throughout history, there have been people oppressed due to some characteristic of theirs: race, religion, orientation etc etc. and in order to fight that, the group forms an identity, which by definition excludes others. I find that troubling, as it ends up in fight between these identity groups. Hence I am not sure if a fight between identity groups is progress. I would rather see us all as just human beings, without having to define ourselves by an identity group.

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