Day Off

Am savoring a rare day of freedom. My body is demanding laziness. I kinda feel like shit though – sinus headache, sneezing, and so tired no matter how much I sleep..

So I spent the morning browsing through Facebook pages I subscribe to, an indulgence I don’t normally get. These pages are the source of my inspiration, which sadly hasn’t gotten a lot of new ideas lately. Sometimes you gotta just say fuck the world and hide out in your house.

I guess that says a lot about my priorities. Instead of using this time to…..oh, I don’t know…..create a course to sell on my website, clean the house, practice, resume my erotic novel, a hundred other things, I’m on the internet looking at erotic photos. I love doing it though!

So there. 

…..or “Multi-Passioned?”

I’m not sure what to call our curious brain. I can only speak for myself, as I’m somewhat of an explorer of the inner universe, and hope my readers will find something useful that resonates with you and apply it to your own life experience.

I wish everyone walked around wearing t-shirts listing who they honestly are. I always feel like, in the sea of anonymous people we pass by every day, we would happily form a  connection to a lot more people, if we knew some little occult thing about each other. I’m not saying to be an open book ~ but hang out little signs revealing interesting things about ourselves in order to form rich connections.

Which isn’t the point of this post. I really wanted to write about how really odd it is I’ve always been obsessively interested in natural sciences like ecology, geology, meteorology, and especially astronomy. Yet….

… the same time I have an equal fascination with the occult (knowledge of the hidden, things that  can’t be measured, seen, quantified). Isn’t this paradoxical? Is it “seeing the big picture” taken to an extreme? In the natural universe it would be the equivalent of dark matter and dark energy.

We are weirdly fascinating. I love the exploration of those who are open to be explored.


I’ve been struggling to write a new post. The current state of government here in the US sometimes makes the things I think about and want to write of seem trivial and silly. But I also believe we shouldn’t stop doing whatever makes us feel awesome, and spread it far and wide!

So how much more mundane can I be in writing about underwear?

I read an interesting article recently about underwear. About how we chicks put a lot of time, energy, and moolah into looking cute for everyone else’s benefit ~ and there’s nothing wrong with that, I say ~ but our underwear is usually the last thing we think about when putting our hot and sexy selves out there. (Admittedly, sometimes even doing that takes some effort, only because I’m an introvert).

Some thoughts to consider about the subject ~

We people sometimes fake our way to self-worth. We can show the world how hot, successful, together we are, and we wear underwear that’s shit. No one’s gonna see it so it doesn’t matter. 

So what are we really saying? Our appearance is a facade. Or we actually don’t deserve nice things. Or we don’t care enough about ourselves to wear sexy and nice underwear. Or maybe we only value superficial things that are seen by others.

Just a trivial idea to consider that might not be all that mundane.

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