I’ve been struggling to write a new post. The current state of government here in the US sometimes makes the things I think about and want to write of seem trivial and silly. But I also believe we shouldn’t stop doing whatever makes us feel awesome, and spread it far and wide!

So how much more mundane can I be in writing about underwear?

I read an interesting article recently about underwear. About how we chicks put a lot of time, energy, and moolah into looking cute for everyone else’s benefit ~ and there’s nothing wrong with that, I say ~ but our underwear is usually the last thing we think about when putting our hot and sexy selves out there. (Admittedly, sometimes even doing that takes some effort, only because I’m an introvert).

Some thoughts to consider about the subject ~

We people sometimes fake our way to self-worth. We can show the world how hot, successful, together we are, and we wear underwear that’s shit. No one’s gonna see it so it doesn’t matter. 

So what are we really saying? Our appearance is a facade. Or we actually don’t deserve nice things. Or we don’t care enough about ourselves to wear sexy and nice underwear. Or maybe we only value superficial things that are seen by others.

Just a trivial idea to consider that might not be all that mundane.

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  1. Thank you for your comments and thoughts. Isn’t it fascinating how something you paid very little attention before is starting to occupy more and more space in your mind.

    So what holds me back? Simply the fact that I think it is absolutely idiotic to allow someone to poke a needle through one’s penis, which is such a valuable organ for a man, bringing pleasure to a man’s life. Suppose it goes wrong, gets inflected, gets broken, falls off? Really a petrifying idea!!! Who in their right mind would take such a risk and end up becoming an eunuch????

    This is just to say how paradocial and contradictory human life, and man’s life is! So while I am not ruling it out at the moment, I think there are significant risks there, which never get addressed by the pundits of the internet fora….!

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  2. I think genital piercings probably aren’t as publicly displayed as it might appear. Of course, we don’t know how many men keep them private, but I’m betting it’s a lot more than those who flaunt them.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot today, since the idea is intriguing to me, both for men and women. I always assumed (as for tattoos) they are done for appearance, but you’ve changed my perception about that, that they’re done to add another dimension of feeling.

    I wonder how it feels to the one with the piercing. I know you’re not asking for advice, and forgive me for giving it, but if it’s something you want to do (I know you do), then you should. May I ask what is preventing you from taking a PA piercing when you say the chances of getting one is next to none? The idea gives you sensations; do you want to say yes or no to them?

    I’m not looking for you to answer me, only yourself 😌

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  3. I guess the main thing that puzzles me is the publicity of most piercings. They are being seen and displayed, they are tribal and quite frankly, ugly. What strikes me in reading forum posts on the subject, there are many men in their 40’s and 50’s taking Prince Albert piercing. It is not something that those men do in haste, but those men have contemplated it for a long time (even decades). Many, it seems, are just normal men, wearing suits and sitting in dull meetings (as I do most of the time). It has become clear to me that the sole reason for having PA is “for themselves”. It apparently gives pleasure for a woman as well (of course that surely is an individual thing).

    So it is the feeling of existence of penis that is the main driver, I think. So the ring pulls it out and down when it is shrunk, and down when it is erect. A thrilling thought, but I feel that in my current state in life, the chances of me getting a PA is next to none.

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  4. The topic of genital piercings is one I’ve never talked about (until now) with anyone. The idea is intriguing, but I have no motivation to try it. I’d rather hear someone else talk about theirs than have my own. I’ve seen them on both men and women in erotic photographs, and wonder how they feel to a partner. Something I haven’t thought of until you mention it, is the sensations they create for one’s self. A clitoral piercing against some pressure? Might be quite nice. Piercings (male and female) would bring on a heightened and constant awareness, don’t you think? Imagine sitting in a formal business meeting, thinking with pleasure about (and feeling) your piercing that no one else knows about. That could be quite erotic.

    My underwear? Victoria’s Secret! I believe in personal fittings – they have these lush little private rooms and fitting consultants for those purposes. Once I had it done, I never went back to department store undies.

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  5. So, what’s your sort of underwear then?

    Yes, that is the one I mean. And I have to say, I am really puzzled by where and how I got the idea from. Piercings or tattoos are not at all my thing, I actually find them usually quite revolting. But this is a strange thing really. In all fairness, the chances of me actually ever doing that are slim. But the idea of having one does send many feelings through me. I have read some forum posts on the subject and to my surprise I am not the only man out there who finds the thing thought provoking and meaningful somehow. They seem to be men of all ages and backgrounds, and the main motivation is “to do it for yourself”. I guess it is the feeling of having something heavy to hang on your penis, make it feel that it exists, giving you the confidence etc. I guess in most normal times, a man’s penis is either small and shrunk, or it stands in erection in his pants. Both states are somewhat stupid, what a man really wants is to have something hanging in his pants, that he feels it but is in control of it at the same time.

    As to what it means in sex, I have no idea. There seem to be testimonies that women like it, but I don’t know how much those statement could be trusted. The problem is bias: Those who post on forums have only positive things to say. All those who fail will not talk about it.

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  6. Personally, I never liked the feeling of going commando. However, the thought of a man in tight black underwear is rather sexy. Or in the right clothing, none would be even more so.

    Piercings – the extent of mine is two in each ear, and I’d like to get a third ~ maybe. I don’t find body piercings all that attractive, mostly because you’d have to be careful with your partner. I’d be afraid of them being pulled out accidentally.

    I can guess what type has your attention. Is it this?http://info.painfulpleasures.com/help-center/information-center/basics-male-female-genital-piercings

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  7. Brilliant for you to turn to underwear in this day and age! Well, the masculine approach would be to get rid of underwear altogether!😀 However it does serve a purpose, and hence I think it ought to be something that elevates you. I prefer tight compression t-shirts, full black, no silly logos.

    Since on this topic, I’d like to go down one layer still and ask for your opinion on body piercing. I’ve never been attracted to it at all, but recently one particular type has got my attention…

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