…..or “Multi-Passioned?”

I’m not sure what to call our curious brain. I can only speak for myself, as I’m somewhat of an explorer of the inner universe, and hope my readers will find something useful that resonates with you and apply it to your own life experience.

I wish everyone walked around wearing t-shirts listing who they honestly are. I always feel like, in the sea of anonymous people we pass by every day, we would happily form a  connection to a lot more people, if we knew some little occult thing about each other. I’m not saying to be an open book ~ but hang out little signs revealing interesting things about ourselves in order to form rich connections.

Which isn’t the point of this post. I really wanted to write about how really odd it is I’ve always been obsessively interested in natural sciences like ecology, geology, meteorology, and especially astronomy. Yet….

…..at the same time I have an equal fascination with the occult (knowledge of the hidden, things that  can’t be measured, seen, quantified). Isn’t this paradoxical? Is it “seeing the big picture” taken to an extreme? In the natural universe it would be the equivalent of dark matter and dark energy.

We are weirdly fascinating. I love the exploration of those who are open to be explored.

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  1. I think I wrote something like passion for classical music, but you probably only read “passion”. 🙂 true, we are not passionate in a sense of the Latinos, quite the opposite. Our passion finds its expression in music, but not the fado way!


  2. Well, I first picked Portugal because it’s small and the people are passionate (2 out of 3!). My idea of “small” is purely geographical. You’re a mind-reader, as the Moldau was my second choice, even though it’s not a country, but it is a place. It was all I had!

    I have to ask though – you told me that one of the characteristics of your country is that it’s known for passion. I want to hear more about that…..

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  3. Yes, Finlandia it is. It makes me incredibly proud how wonderful a national tone we have (it is not the national anthem, though). Just out of curiosity, which other country or tone poem did you have in mind? The Moldau is a river 🙂

    I am also curious to know what makes you think a country is “small” or “large”? Portugal is populationwise big, but geographically not so much. Finland has a smallish population, but huge land area. We tend to think of ourselves as small, but it all depends on the viewpoint, of course!

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  4. Well, the single most-played symphonic poem that bears the name of a country has to be Finlandia. As a matter of fact, I have indeed played it before, and it’s one of the pieces we’re currently playing in the orchestra I’m in. I have a second one in mind, but will save it if I’m wrong! (I chose Portugal since you said a smaller European country. Maybe not quite so small !!)

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  5. Sure, none of us is ever the image of what we perhaps would aspire to be. I sweat by cycling, but to my regret I can’t build muscle. When I tried, long ago, to do that, I succeeded in pumping up little muscle, but once I stopped, the results disappeared almost immediately. I have s slim body, but not as muscular as I wished it to be.

    Violin playing surely is physical, and as it is obvious by now, I find violin playing womern incredibly sexy.

    I can’t think of too many Portugese composers, to be honest. Probably my ignorance, but somehow intriguing to think I give a Portugese impression somehow. I much like Portugal, one of my favourite countries.

    When I turn on Classic FM (the popular classics channel here, a bit too popular to my liking), I almost always hear a symphonic poem that carries the name of my country. It is a fantastic piece, but they play it far too often in my opinion!

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  6. You probably aren’t surprised when I tell you my sport is playing violin. We have the same taste in women – my dream woman (who would be the person I’d like to be) would be exactly as you describe. But…..I have not reached that point. I adore the tight muscles and sweat and leanness inside yoga pants and stuff, and imagine how terrific that would feel. But my physical appearance is not quite so lean and muscular as you describe. But…. I’m strong and sweaty in other ways…….

    OK- I have to take an educated guess to get a clearer picture of you. From the hints you’ve given me ~ are you Portuguese?

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  7. Yes, t-shirts suit men best, but they have to be tight and the body inside them has to be fit. As you say, together with a leather jacket, the combination is so powerful and sexy. Although, I have to say, I like women in tight sports pants and compression shirts, and sweating. My dream woman not only possesses all those qualities that we have talked about, but she should also be sporty and active, sweating in her black yoga pants and shirt. And the sport should be a real sport, not just some easy little meditation, but real sweating!

    Which begs the question as to what is your relationship with sport? What sport do you do?

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  8. I actually don’t wear t-shirts. They look cheap on me. On someone else, I like them when worn underneath a nice buttoned shirt – maybe with some cheeky image peeking out. However, a tight black t-shirt on a guy is super sexy – with, say, a black leather jacket.

    Science – the more I learn, the more aware I am how little we know. As for accepting science over faith, I suppose it depends on how one defines faith. Religion? Spirituality? Hope for a good outcome? I used to be quite dedicated to my religion, until I realized organized religion is only a small facet of the whole concept of what can be called “spirituality.”

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  9. Do you really think you would know what to write on your t-shirt? I surely couldn’t do that for myself. The only thing I am certain of is that I’m uncertain. Perhaps other people should write that text?

    Oh yes, science. I am fascinated too, and adding to your list of interesting subject areas, I would add biology, especially human evolution. There seems to be so little understanding of what evolution has done to us, and how to correctly interpret it. There are plenty of misinterpretations out there! The greatest thing about science is the sheer amount of things we do not know about! It is humbling to note that physicists have very little understanding yet of dark matter and energy, or even of gravity. Yet our knowledge grows all the time at an exponential pace. Convictions and beliefs, on the other hand, are rock solid and unquestionable. Which ones would you prefer to trust? To me it is obvious that I select science over faith, and accept how wonderfully ignorant we still are of the universe!

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