Day Off

Am savoring a rare day of freedom. My body is demanding laziness. I kinda feel like shit though – sinus headache, sneezing, and so tired no matter how much I sleep..

So I spent the morning browsing through Facebook pages I subscribe to, an indulgence I don’t normally get. These pages are the source of my inspiration, which sadly hasn’t gotten a lot of new ideas lately. Sometimes you gotta just say fuck the world and hide out in your house.

I guess that says a lot about my priorities. Instead of using this time to…..oh, I don’t know…..create a course to sell on my website, clean the house, practice, resume my erotic novel, a hundred other things, I’m on the internet looking at erotic photos. I love doing it though!

So there. 

5 thoughts on “Day Off

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  1. That 45 km is the ultra maximum for one day.

    I don’t usually talk to myself, but I think to myself (talk silently) all the time. And I let melodies and poems go through my head as well. A lot happening between my ears 🙂

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  2. 45 km/day!! That’s quite impressive. I consider it a good day when I walk two miles…..

    Solitude is underrated. Sometimes it needs to force itself on us in different ways – travel as you said, or illness, among others

    And then having someone to share those thoughts with would be validating, but my experience is that few people are interested. I don’t know about you, but I end up talking to myself a lot!

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  3. I used to have a job that put me frequently on extensive flights (often to and across the US actually). I did not think much of it at the time, but I have lately started to miss those trips. They meant hours after hours on a tiny economy seat, no place to go, nothing to do except read, sleep and think. Sometimes I wrote down my thoughts on a note book. No internet, nothing. Then an alien airport, taxi or rental car, alone in a hotel room… Melancholic that solitude was, but somehow it was also a strangely enjoyable state of mind. But the flight had to be a really long one, I had to be travelling on my own to a strange destination.

    Nowadays my I come close to that state of mind when doing extensive walks. Again, the walk has to be long, all day (I can make up to 45 km a day), alone, nothing else to do but to walk, see and think.

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  4. I know, I’m the same way. I feel so much pressure to be always doing something that’s going to bring in money that I’m too hard on myself, and equate doing something for pleasure as laziness. Which is ridiculous, but as a one-woman show here, I feel a lot of pressure. Instead of waiting to be sick to relax, I do try to schedule it in, make sure my evenings are just for “me.”

    Letting my mind wander is the most wonderful thing. I’m very much an introvert, as I’ve said already, so I recharge in solitude. Isn’t it great to have a mind that takes you to some really interesting places – as you said, special discoveries.

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  5. Spending a day doing nothing is a horribly difficult thing to do! Sometimes you need such days, ideally once a week, but it is nearly impossible for me to even get 30 minutes of such time. Letting your mind wonder in the depths of the internet is not bad either, that’s how you sometimes make really special discoveries (that’s how I discovered your blog. It has been the most special thing for me in ages!).

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