Third Try

This is my third attempt at writing tonight’s blog post.

Life feels complicated sometimes. I’ve been frustrated over not enough time and too many things. Obviously, I need to rethink priorities. I feel like captain of a cargo ship when all I really want is a rowboat. What can I change? Materially as well as how I use my time?

I’ve been crashing a lot the past few days, as in feeling tired and overwhelmed. And frustrated. Looking for answers: maybe if I do this instead of that, or focus on something else. What’s wrong?

Maybe the answer isn’t in finding an answer so much as to pare things down. Simplify is actually my “word” for 2017.

When I was  kid, I loved reading stories of the pioneer families on the Oregon Trail. At some point many had to dump possessions off their covered wagons when the horses or oxen became tired, or their wheels fell off. Piles of belongings along the trail…

my business

learning to play rock violin

fauxbonichi (art journaling)

get past the first draft of the novel I wrote 

record my own song in Garage Band 

write erotica

oh, then there’s the erotic novella I started

tidy the house

give away clothes that aren’t in line with who I am

That’s a lot of stuff to give up, isn’t it? The photo for this post ~ there’s a saying that goes something like, “If your hands are too full you can’t hold someone else’s.”

8 thoughts on “Third Try

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  1. Oh yes please! Of lately, I have become interested in leather catsuits. You wouldn’t care/dare to post any pictures of you in leather?

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  2. We haven’t have we? It would be fun to go leather shopping, wouldn’t it? There SO many photos I’ve collected from the internet and saved. It would take some time, but I should change out the photos on my blog. Maybe you have some thoughts? 😇

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  3. That means a lot, thanks Tom. I try to make it beautiful so I can feel good about it. Just wish I could claim it publicly. Maybe one day I can come out of the closet 😁. I’d like sexual matters to not be considered “dirty.” I guess the whole point of my blog is to promote living life fully, and to release shame (and an excuse to talk about leather).

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  4. By the way, your blog is a work of art. I really like the balance of text and images, well thought and balanced. The images support and strenghten the message in a beautiful way.

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  5. You’re exactly right about causality. A lot of things are feeling out of my control at the moment, not going my way. Which always leads to frustration. It’s temporary; I think the answer is to do one thing at a time and stick with it until it’s done. That’s so hard though, staying focused!

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  6. I can well understand and sympathize with you. I am personally right now in a different phase, which I feel really lucky about. Circumstances are not much different (from yours), but instead of feeling frustrated, I am right now feeling really good, optimistic etc. Can’t fully explain why, but I guess the interesting question is causality: Do circumstances drag you down, or vice versa?

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