100%, Completely, Totally Free Day!

Today is a rare one….no appointments for the entire day. And unexpected – I got a call this morning that the one student I’ve been aiding for this week (an hour each morning and afternoon) is staying home. Our school is closed this week, so I haven’t had to work the usual 4.5 hours a day, only 2, and I have no lessons scheduled this evening. How fantastic to not have to clock-watch!

So mentally freeing! I’m gonna read and ignore the clock. And what’s this photo have to do with anything?

Some see desolation – no crowds of people, no entertainment, no fun. I see freedom, exploration, plenty of life – you just have to look under your feet and above your head. Appreciation for the environment that supports us and keeps us alove. (That actually was a typo, but I decided to leave it – it’s a useful new word to describe that which keeps us alive and makes us feel loved at the same time).

Life has plenty of challenges – sometimes I can only manage one minute at a time – but I’m in love with life!

3 thoughts on “100%, Completely, Totally Free Day!

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  1. Being busy, by the standard meaning, is usually too chaotic and stressful to me. Unless it’s something I really enjoy. I don’t do well under pressure at all 😊

    People usually are drawn to me because of my peace and insights about random things. I gave up trying to live at the world’s pace and try, as much as possible, to live at my own. A bitchy Violin Bitch is not good!

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  2. Alove, what a fantastic new word! I envy you, I can’t remember when I had such a day. I guess I can’t really handle such days, there has to be something to keep me busy…. But there is a big difference in keeping you busy in your own terms vs someone else’s terms. Enjoy your day!

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