Been working on work, on my future (business), on being a better me, and making time for pleasures of life.

So many passions, so little time. So you learn to let things go. Focus without distraction on what you really want. That’s hard for me! When I was 20- or 30-something, I had my entire life yet to accomplish all those big plans. There just isn’t enough time to do everything. Later in life, you have to treat your dreams like your clothes – if you haven’t worn it/thought of it/worked on it/done it by now, better make some decisions on the ones you really want, and weed out the rest.

Focus on those and kill ’em! You can, we can.






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  1. I’ve been tending towards the third option, with an intent to focus on the items that serve me now as well as tomorrow. Staying focused is the challenge. So much in life!

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  2. There are three options, as far as I can see. You can either get out the clothes you wore when you were young and proudly dress up in them. Or you can discard them all, buy new ones and dress up appropriately for your age. Or you can carry on as usual, but secretly open your wardrobe to try on the dreams of your youth, see if they still fit you, and what would they look like on you. Some of them may be best put back in the closet, but there may be some garments that could complement your present attire, energize you…

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