This Is Your Time

Not that I really believe cosmic bodies influence our goings-on, but this article brings up valid points.  Humanity does have to evolve and is able to if we align with a common vision. Western patriarchal systems are breaking down while women rise up in power – in no small part in reaction to the trending return to supremacy in many countries. We’ve come too far to allow it.  You as a creative ~ it’s time to wake up visions and a new direction.

“The cosmos is setting up an evolutionary impulse for us to take responsibility for ourselves, family, children, community, the feminine and most of all, for our Mother, the Earth.

These two nodes in the Cancer/Capricorn polarity are establishing new foundations for how we live here on Earth.

Since Cancer and Capricorn reflect the maturing processes of life, we are certainly in a time when humanity has to consciously evolve to a higher level of self-awareness if humans are going to continue to exist on Earth in a positive way.

Pluto in Capricorn has been unearthing the corruption of our patriarchal society since 2008. But even as the hypocrisy and corruption are exposed, what is no longer viable is still struggling to keep control…

But Pluto is like the lava streaming out of Kilauea. It is unstoppable, pure evolution. It is creating a new earth.

We cannot go backward. It’s the people who go forward who create the future.

Are you an artist, musician, dancer, storyteller? This is your time. It’s time to wrest our people’s imaginations away from mass media programming and get them to wake up their own imaginations.

…Everyone is engaging alone with machines. It’s time to change that.  It’s up to our artists to awaken people out of our collective trance….

As with all New Moons, it’s a time to plant seeds… These are special seeds of creativity and nurturing and emotional intelligence…

Our thoughts create our reality. Our change of heart will be shared on an energetic level, and that will create more power…

We humans are part of Gaia’s ecosystem. We really need to reclaim our place in the life cycle of Earth.

Then we’ll be honoring our Great Mother, our creative center, and our cosmic purpose.”

~Cathy Pagano, excerpt from Mystic Mamma


….are energy centers of the body. Knowledge of them originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC, so it’s not New Age theory. Since I’m going through an extremely rough patch right now, I make a point of meditating on my chakras most days, as it beings me peace and awareness of things I can control. I use this 15-minute session, and  it makes a world of difference.

As a violinist and lover of all things science, I noticed an intriguing thing: the frequencies (musical notes) associated with the chakras are associated with the most “pure” musical scale – the one with no sharps or flats – all “natural” notes, which is C Major. Starting with the most “base” chakra – in your genitals – and moving up through all seven – they play a C scale – C- D – E – F – G – A – up to the crown, B. One octave, when you include the tonic (starting note ) of C! Note that knowledge of the chakras pre-dates Western music, which certainly did not exist in India.

Each chakra also has a color associated with it, starting with Red (genitals) – Orange – Yellow – Green – Blue – Indigo – up to the crown, Violet. Sound familiar? Roy G. Biv? Yes, the colors of the rainbow!

Which begs the question – is knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum – sound and light – found within us, in our energy centers? Perhaps there’s much more to be known and understood.



Your Own Hotline To Wisdom – Right Now

All the wisdom we need is within ourselves. If we need knowledge outside of our understanding or experience, we’ll be lead to who – or whatever can teach us.

Jamie Catto

The two ways that we tend to access the wonderful, illuminating and inspiring wisdom and peace we humans are so capable of is either through someone else who, perhaps long ago, dared to get themselves into such a state of empty receptivity and deep listening that a blast of utter clarity and truth came through them and they wrote it all down (or told it to those who could hear it – and those guys wrote it down as best they could). Later on, maybe millions of people were so touched and nourished and switched on when they read this wisdom that they decided ‘this is it!’ and maybe even became scholars of that message, teaching it to more and more people and making it their life’s passion to share it with as many as possible. Hence Religions and ‘paths’ with priests, academics, and experts….even hierarchies. I’m not writing them…

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