This Week Has Been Bliss

This photo has nothing to do with the topic. But there’s no such thing as leather overload, is there?

Anyway, I think I’d give anything to live this way the other 51. Do what’s important to me and not have to work for a living. I do believe it’s possible, and even probable, given the loving work I’ve put into my caterpillar of a business this past year.

It’s been so fucking slow though. Having to squeeze it in between working hours is a drag. But I do something every day at least. And when I do, I try to put my mind into a zone of already being there.

There are so many ways all of us can make the world a better place. Working at a job we dislike isn’t one of them. Someone once said find the thing that lights you up, and do that thing. The world needs those kind of people. 

Back to the photo then ~

Maybe it’s telling us to unzip yourself and release your passion. 

live performance

photo by Violin Bitch

live performance

a poetic version of live video

unrehearsed, with only a loose idea of structure

no cuts; naked on a stage

my offering, without reserve

unscripted, directorless, without props

one limelight overhead discloses my shadows.

applause and bouquets…

i need neither

i’ve strode onto the stark stage

out of utterly dark wings

facing my audience

of past lovers and haters…and the indifferent

to perform my soul story


my song sung

you will all know me if it kills me

so when you talk about me later





Violin Bitch


Sex & Poetry. Win-Win. 

The Bitch has always loved writing poetry. Now, to spice things up a bit with erotic poetry. 

I need your eyes on me 


fast breath, wet skin







I’m hooked on

making you sweat and pant

I am so wet

I never told you

what I do

after we talk

when you’re absent from me

fire turns wild

without control

my dreams tortured me last night

your tongue made love to me

do you dream too?

I wonder if you remember

the first time

you said you wanted me

In the coffee shop

thinking of our last time

I avert my eyes

your disappointments are the wind

tangling your gorgeous hair.

it makes you looks so beautiful

my love, so beautiful

I squeeze your slippery, soaking fruit

I know is a manchineel


between us

is hot and sensual

offer yourself in small pieces

or I shall choke

swallowing you whole

a dream

wet with lust

pants beneath you

your tongue inside me

filling me

with your words



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