Highs & Lows

……..keeps shit interesting. I suppose some might be self-inflicted. I live in this mental world of extremes. Some love roller coasters, skydiving, rock climbing…… My mind is its own stuntman. No body double for me. Did I sign up for this? Not that I recall.

People who know me, to a person, will say I’m the most chill chick they know. I attract (and immediately fend off) chaotic people and places. Guess it’s true about opposites attracting. Well, that’s good a lot of times…..maybe I’ll write about that.

But inside, I’m all over the place. Euphorically happy or totally bummed out. Depends on….what? My thoughts at that particular second.

This is meant to be a follow-up to my previous post. When I’m pissed off, just hang out with me a min. You have a right to be pissed at me too, and I hope you’ll tell me to go fuck myself. Cause I wanna be able to tell you to fuck off too. Then we laugh and carry on.



Thankful for…


Family and Friends…and kitty

Those who have taught me lessons…usually unwittingly

My Ancestors’ providence

Violin…and all music

Our dark sides as well as the light






The people who have had the most profound, positive, game – changing influence on my life don’t stick around. It doesn’t matter how much they tell me they will never give up or what a rare find I am, or how they can’t live without me, they take off.

Like Bridges of Madison County. Except I refuse to live the rest of my life pining and sighing.

Why do mind-blowing discoveries about oneself have to be delivered by such shallow and insincere love?

Seriously……what the fuck? Am I that strong that no one can handle me? Am I the only brave one?


WARNING!! Do NOT Feed the Narcissist!

I am an empath. Which basically means I feel others’ pain and am able to see things through their brains. I am a healer, and feel that by trying to heal the wounded, there’s peace on Earth.

I also end up in toxic relationships with needy and draining men. They always start out great, just the man I was looking for. RIGHT.

So when I came across this article The Toxic Attraction Between an Empath and a Narcissist, well it got me.

This certainly explains a lot – that a narcissist will easily walk away from the relationship once they realize they’ve lost their ability to control the empath. It’s not fun for them anymore. Well fuck me ~ once I show my claws they do take off!

And I thought it was for a bad reason. HA!!

A pattern? You mean this is common with empaths? ROOOAAARRRR!!

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