Sexual Healing

Lisa Ling has a series on CNN where she explores different cultures and lifestyles. This coming Sunday, Oct. 1st, her episode Sexual Healing premiers. She said in a short interview on CNN just now that we are all sexual beings. Every aspect of our lives is affected in some way by our own sexuality – how we express it, how we accept or reject it – is played out in surprising ways. A concept I completely agree with.

In this new episode she explores tantric sex, as well as someone who is a “sex surrogate;” a therapist who engages in the sex act with their client with the intent to educate and provide therapy, who presumably has a hurdle they need to overcome.

So much of exploring one’s self takes us on the path of sexuality. I believe it is the seat of all of our passions and desire to live a juicy life. Yet there is so much shame around it. So many are afraid of their own selves, of what dark entity they’ll find.

I will definitely be watching, and am gratified that this is on a major network and not hidden on a porn channel in shame.

Your Bed

“I wonder what it’s like in your head, not just in your bed, where orgasms preside and emotional baggage is checked at the door. The bed you enter in the dark like a tornado, and escape from in the light like an illuminating lightning storm. The kind of storm one wants to get close to because of its rare beauty and brilliance, but must run away from for safety. My outer walls rise up to protect my fragile emotions that yearn to nest whilst yours long to fly.”
~ Amy Blanaru

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