Been working on work, on my future (business), on being a better me, and making time for pleasures of life.

So many passions, so little time. So you learn to let things go. Focus without distraction on what you really want. That’s hard for me! When I was 20- or 30-something, I had my entire life yet to accomplish all those big plans. There just isn’t enough time to do everything. Later in life, you have to treat your dreams like your clothes – if you haven’t worn it/thought of it/worked on it/done it by now, better make some decisions on the ones you really want, and weed out the rest.

Focus on those and kill ’em! You can, we can.






Art & Sharing

I had some quiet time with myself today, just letting thoughts bubble up to the surface. One interesting idea that needs to be written about is how our life can be art. The self we express can be either without purpose, like a paint ball *splatted* against a wall, or it can be a carefully thought out, expressive piece of art.

Art is genuine and beautiful. Beauty of course is subjective, but it draws you in and grabs your attention. There’s something personally relatable to it, with a desire for more. When have you been in the presence of someone who is so real and relevant, who you felt drawn to?  I want to make this my purpose, to peel off conformity – a learned condition for protection –  and disclose what makes me unique.

Having a trail partner, someone who understands you, thinks like you, and/or simply appreciates you, as you do them. That must be the most empowering and synergistic dynamic there is. I don’t mean roses and chocolate, greeting cards and birthdays, Christmas gifts, champaign. Those are all very nice – but someone to explore life with as an adventure would be pretty cool.

Zipping Them Up

Days fly by.

Decided it was time to call it quits with my mentor. Gonna miss our weekly sessions, but I learned as much as I could from him. He taught me a ton of things, like improvising, finger shapes, playing without music, the rock world, effects (electronic toys), pentatonic scales and modes, and on and on.

He told me about a recording studio nearby for when I’m ready for it.

Talked about the organic process of taking things to the next level by finding other like~minded musicians.

So my next plan is to work through a set of music and recordings that I have, specifically for rock violin.


Everything moves too damn slow. I want to be playing on stage NOW with a band, dammit! Rock Orchestra Camp ~ remember I was going? ~ would have been exactly what I need,  but am not able to this year.

So what does a violin chick do? Gets resourceful. My goal by the end of this year is to be able to play respectable rock stuff. Something specific ~ something barely achievable.

Ya can’t have open ~ ended goals. Those are just dreams. A certain thing by a certain date.

Check back here for my next post. Sheeeeaaaaatttt!!


2015-06-13 18.53.07

Goals and dreams are an ever-evolving process of refinement. First the vision of what you want ~ then plan how to get there or make it come to you ~ and since there’s no way of predicting which seeds will germinate, you gotta just scatter them all. Then concentrate on the most productive seedlings.

This year put me in a death spiral (think helicopter with no tail rotor), lost my closest ally (why? who the fuck knows); as well as money and car disasters. Still, no one got physically hurt and I’ve pretty much recovered. Am at the point now where I can look ahead with hope again.

I was inspired to get out my dog-eared copy of this book that has given me so much, no matter how many times I read it. I’m in a different place mentally each time, so it speaks to me in different ways.

Leave behind fears and presumptions

The world is a better place when you express your creative divinity

You’ve created every part of your present life even if it’s a mess. Simply choose to create something different if you don’t like the way things are.

Don’t waste your emotions on being angry ~ upset ~ blaming ~ resentful ~ victimized

Use your current situation as a launchpad

I have become a control freak!

Focus on what you want to create, not your problems

Start by asking yourself what do you need? What’s missing? Are you overlooking the obvious? What is depressing you? What are you not experiencing that you want to?

Every day I do what I can that day to move forward in my dream of playing rock violin in a band.

Every day I try being a little healthier and a little younger than the day before.

Every day I open myself to connectedness with my spirit and the universe (i.e. intentions)

Every day I work at understanding my niche in life

Every day I try to be open to serendipitous connections that propel me towards where I need to be while helping others to do the same

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