…….is a ghost. Seen in the corner of the eye. It’s talked about in whispers in fear of scaring it away, or that it might think you actually believe in it, when it laughs at your naïveté. 

It dresses as a ghost, in translucent gauze, insubstantial and startling. It teases, the topic of heated discussions about its existence. Sightings are compared among the wild-eyed and shell-shocked.

It angers and inflames. Lies constantly. Needs no one. Mocks your needy weakness. Exploits vulnerability. Confuses and miscommunicates. 

It dissipates when you turn on lights or worship it. 

It brushes your cheek, but when you grasp for more, you catch air. Not real, yet not a fable. You believed in it once or twice, and it laughed in your face. 

It makes you bitter for wanting it, hating yourself for needing it. 

It looks at you lasciviously, yet will never touch you. It makes you wet and laughs at your need to pleasure yourself instead. 

It fucks you with words and promises. You fall for it.

Like a wild animal, it will never come closer to you. You entice it with food, yet comes only when your back is turned. 

It lingers when you pretend to not give a shit. It will spend the night with you only when you sleep and need nothing.

~Lucy Len


Highs & Lows

……..keeps shit interesting. I suppose some might be self-inflicted. I live in this mental world of extremes. Some love roller coasters, skydiving, rock climbing…… My mind is its own stuntman. No body double for me. Did I sign up for this? Not that I recall.

People who know me, to a person, will say I’m the most chill chick they know. I attract (and immediately fend off) chaotic people and places. Guess it’s true about opposites attracting. Well, that’s good a lot of times…..maybe I’ll write about that.

But inside, I’m all over the place. Euphorically happy or totally bummed out. Depends on….what? My thoughts at that particular second.

This is meant to be a follow-up to my previous post. When I’m pissed off, just hang out with me a min. You have a right to be pissed at me too, and I hope you’ll tell me to go fuck myself. Cause I wanna be able to tell you to fuck off too. Then we laugh and carry on.

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